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Saturday, June 14, 2014


These records are from FamilySearch, the family history online resource of the Latter Day Saints based at Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
Parents: William Mawby and Susanna Welton:
Susanna Mawby, b. 27 March 1796; bap 28 Marc 1796, St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.
Parents: James Mawby and Ann
Isaac Mawby, bap 20 August 1767, St Michael, Fincham, Norfolk
Parents James Mawby and Jane:
Thomas Mawby, bap 7 February 1785, Terrington St Clement, Norfolk
Parents John Charles Mawby and Sarah Mawby
John Mawby, bap. 14 October 1752, Wells, Norfolk; bur. 16 May 1790, Terrington St Clement, Norfolk