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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Today I found these newspapers on the NSW State Library e-resources website.
I only had a brief look at them, but most of what came up was from the Leicestershire Mercury.
Nothing from Surrey which is where I think my British ancestor, George Mawbey, came from.
But there was one interesting entry for a George Mawbey of Marylebone who died after a domestic violence incident in September 1898.
His partner and assailant, Eliza Tidmarsh, was charged with willful murder, but then it was discovered that ramming a teacup into Mawbey's face had not been the cause of his death.
Mawbey, a coach-builder of 3 Park-lane, Marylebone, had died of syncope, fatty degeneration of the heart, chronic Bright's disease.
Tidmarsh pleaded 'self defence' and the case was dismissed.
In February 1896, a house occupied by a Mawbey in Flint-street near Humberton-road, Leicestershire was auctioned as part of a deceased estate.
It was one of four six-roomed houses with entry, blue-bricked yard, garden and out-offices that met with the same fate.
The other occupants were Hunt, Laurence and Osborne.
Annual gross rent was 60 pounds 9 shillings.
In January 1898, the London Gazette reported that 'receiving orders' had been issued to a long list of people including:
Cooper, Joseph Mawbey, Avenue-villas, Claybrook, near Rugby, commission agent, Jan.10.
I have included this information because it may be relevant further down the track in my family history research.