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Saturday, June 7, 2014


The Mawbey family of England descended from Simon de Mauteby who had an interest of 16 acres of land at the village of Mawtby, Norfolk in 1199, the last year of the reign of King Richard I (Richard the Lionheart).
His descendants then established themselves at Mawtby following grants of land from various monarchs before moving to Botleys in Surrey.

The name is associated with the following places:

Norfolk - Mawtby, Sparham, Bassingham, West Becham, Matlask and Burston
Leicester - South Kilworth, Raunston, Shenton
Northumberland - Kettering
Surrey - Botleys

South Kilworth
A village near boundary of Leicester with Northampton, not far from the town of Rugby in Warwickshire.

A village near boundary of Leicester with Northampton.


Mauteby's Hall
Avelina de Mauteby was the lady of this manor in 9th year of reign of King Edward II and Robert de Mauteby in the same monarch's 35th year.
The property then passed on to John Paston Esq, husband of Margaret, daughter and heir of John Mauteby, son of the aforementioned Robert de Mauteby.
[Source: British History Online]