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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Botley's Park mansion [Source: Wikipedia]
Botleys Park, the home and estate of Sir Joseph Mawbey I remained in the family for five years after the death of his son Sir Joseph Mawbey II in 1817.
In 1928, one hundred and one years later, it was purchased by Surrey County Council for a hospital for mentally handicapped patients.
Villas were built to house the patients, as well as other buildings like a large brick administrative block.
Botleys Park mansion itself was adapted for use as a nurses' home.
The facility opened in 1939, just before the start of World War II.
Its original purpose was disrupted when part of it was used as an emergency hospital for war victims.
In 1990, the site which was still being used as a home for the mentally handicapped was renamed Botleys Park Resource Centre.
In 1997, most of it was closed after a fire caused a great deal of damage.
What remained was renamed Bournewood Hospital.
Since 2010 the mansion has been used as a weddings and receptions venue.
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