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Saturday, May 5, 2012


I found another very helpful Google ebook, The baronetage of England, Vol 3, by Edward Kimber and Richard A Johnson, printed 1771, which lists all the members of the early English Mawbey family from whom Sir Joseph Mawbey was descended (pp.221-225).
It is written in the same precise manner of the first book of the Bible, Genesis.
A common thread is that many of the Mawbey men married twice, and one, thrice.
Looking at the males of the 19th generation, the 12 sons of Erasmus Mawbey, only Richard, James and Isaac left male heirs.
Richard had a son Erasmus b. 1695 who had a son Erasmus.
James had a son James Jnr d. 1754 who fathered several children.
Isaac had twin sons, Abraham and Isaac, bap. 3 February 1694, who died, but then had another son, Isaac, who survived.
Of the 21st generation, there was Francis, son of John Mawbey b.1693 to his first wife, J Shepherd.
Coincidentally, my father's baptismal name was Francis.
Another of the sons of Erasmus Mawbey, Joseph, was killed in marine service at the seige of Gibraltar.