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Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Another George Mawbey, not my GG grandfather b. 1809, was tried for theft of two brass cocks from his employer in London's Central Criminal Court on 5 February 1844.
Mawbey was gas fitter for the Chartered Gas Company in Horseferry-road, Southwark, and had taken the brass cocks when he went into the storeroom to get meters.
He was apprehended by the storeman and pulled the two brass cocks from his pocket before the police arrived.
In court, Mawbey apologised and said he did not know what induced him to take his employer's property.
He had worked for the company for nine years and was said to have been of unexceptional character and given every satisfaction.
Mawbey was found 'not guilty'.
[Source: Ref No. t18440205-627]