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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


There is some debate about the origin of the family name MAWBEY and the main spelling variant 'MAWBY'.
According to the website, House of, MAWBEY is an Anglo-Saxon name derived from the settlement of MOREBY in the East Riding of YORKSHIRE, or the place called MOORBY in LINCOLNSHIRE.
BUT ...
British school headmaster and inspector and genealogist HENRY MAWBEY (1834-1921) claimed the name derived from the MAUTEBY family of DANISH origin that settled in NORFOLK before the Norman Conquest in 1066.
The Danes first invaded England in 832.
The spelling of the name has varied from its first mention in 1199 when it was recorded that SIMON DE MAUTBY held lands under a Norman baron at the village of MAWTBY in NORFOLK.
[The Norfolk Family History Society spells the name of the original ancestor of the Mawbey pedigree 'de Mawteby'.]
Henry says the name was subsequently spelt: MAWTBEY, MAWTBY, MAWEDBY, MAWDBY, MAULTEBY, MAWBIE, MAUBY, MAWBY, MAWBEY.
Henry Mawbey believed that the MALTBY family was not associated with the MAWBEY FAMILY because their coats of arms were entirely different.
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